Write a winning sales letter

Direct mail can be extremely effective but companies waste thousands of pounds sending out inappropriate material to their existing and potential customers.  Here are some tips to make sure that you are increasing the value of your own communications.

First and foremost you must have your list in order.  Make sure the data is clean and the audience is relevant and you have the correct contact for your product or service.

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33 reasons to send a press release

If you have something to shout about, let the media know too!

PR is a great way to get coverage for your company without having to pay for advertising space and its often more credible because it appears in the main section of the newspaper or magazine.

Here’s a list of 33 reasons to send a press release – a few of them may just trigger that story!  Remember to send accompanying photographs and these days most editors prefer to receive press releases via email. Continue reading

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Write a great sales proposal

Tips for writing a good sales proposal

1. open with a situation summary – you are summarising your understanding of your prospect’s plight and demonstrating that you have a good understanding of the problems or challenges they face Continue reading

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Don’t use 50 words when 10 will do

Sometimes we are guilty of bombarding our prospects with information that they have no interest in.

Ask yourself: Is what you are telling them what YOU want them to know or is it what THEY need to know?

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Develop a powerful “meme” for your business

A meme is an instantly understandable message that gets immediate attention and interest.  Some people call it a strapline or a tagline but really it is more than that.  You are crystallising what you do in a few words so that there is no danger of being misunderstood.

A meme should also work virally so the essence of the meme is not lost in translation.   Think about your core products or services.  Can you create a powerful meme that would work as an audio logo, a programme or service name, a headline or be used effectively on a website?

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Quick ideas for fast marketing results

As you start to develop your marketing strategies and begin to implement the work required, progress is 0f course being being made but some things take time to nurture.

Here are 8 ideas for you to explore that have the potential, if done right, to get you fast marketing results.

Ideas for fast results

  1. Pay per click advertising
  2. Local internet advertising
  3. Email marketing
  4. Promotions and special offers
  5. Traditional advertising (often cheaper due to online competition)
  6. Sales materials
  7. PR
  8. Events (trade shows, networking, webinars)
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What is the AIDA principle and why is it important?

All communications should follow the AIDA principle.  Do yours?

A – Attention.  You have to get the attention of your prospect before they do anything else.  So look at your headline, presentation, format etc.  Is it relevant?

I – Interest. Once you have their attention it is then necessary to hold their interest long enough to give them more information and create a need for your product or service.

D – Desire.  They are interested but do they want it?  It’s your job to create a desire for the product or service in your prospects.

A – Action.  If you fail to give your prospects the next course of action you want them to take (call, email, buy online etc) then you may as well work for your competitors.  You’ve created a need and desire for your product but what do they do now?  Make sure you cover this.

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The only thing worse than being talked about…

…is not being talked about.

Make sure your business makes the news by following these tips.

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The reason why

Why should your prospects buy from you?  Why should they select your product over that of your competitors?  Why is it better for them?

I just don't know! Give me a reason!

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Top 10 sales mistakes and how to avoid them – part 2

After spending time looking around various websites on this topic it seems that the following are the most common mistakes that salespeople make – part 1 was a few days ago, here’s part 2.

Customers can and will forget you!

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