Be patient – not everyone is ready to buy right now!

When you decide that you are embarking upon a business development/sales drive, remember that not all of your prospects are ready to buy on your timetable… in fact, very few will be!

The “build and they will come” mentality rarely works – you have to tell people why they should buy from you and give them a reason to think of you at the time they are ready to purchase.

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Get your prospect approach communication right

The key to writing an effective and compelling approach letter or email is to focus on good communication.

  • Keep your letter specific – avoid being too vague or over-generalising as you may fail to engage your audience
  • Make sure your letter is relevant – as well as being specific, you also have to be relevant Continue reading
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5 strategies to kick-start your lead generation process

What does success mean to you?

We all know what we should be doing but sometimes a quick recap revitalises our focus.

The best marketers channel their efforts at the front end of the sales and marketing process and here are 5 ways to revitalise lead generation in your own business.

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No two services are exactly the same

No two services are exactly the same

They can’t be, they are delivered at different times by different people, circumstances alone dictate that they must differ.

When you ask a director/partner of a service company, “What makes your service different?” you often get an unclear response.

“Honestly, nothing.  We’re all pretty much the same.”

Well, that’s wrong.

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The value of a good case study

Stories appeal to us, we like dramatic narratives. We can relate to them and generally find them interesting and sometimes entertaining. Since the time of the Greek playwrights of 2500 years ago we have shown an interest in stories – today we have the film and television industry, we have magazines and news publications, we have globally popular fiction writers and even online and social media tools that showcase the human experience universally.

When trying to explain the value and benefit of your products or services case studies are an ideal marketing vehicle. Continue reading

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Sometimes it’s all about how you say it…

Does a name matter? We think so!

Flat or apartment?  You say flat and an old tower block springs to mind on a not so desirable estate.  Say apartment and I’m envisaging waterfront and / or city centre luxury living.  In essence its the same thing but what you call it can have a significant impact on the price somebody is willing to pay for it!

What product or service do you have that could be renamed and repositioned?

A good example is Macy’s department store in the US.  Many decades ago they had a surplus stock of dressing gowns / terrycloth robes.  They were very nice but they were not selling.  Bernice Fitzgibbon decided that they were not robes anymore – they were blotters!  The name that Europeans used for these garments, and the new adverts for blotters resulted in sales sky-rocketing.

Same product. Or was it?

Sometimes, it’s all about how you say it!

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Are you an effective networker?

In order to be truly successful at networking it is absolutely critical that you keep your promises – be sure to do what you say you will do. Few things can be more damaging to your credibility as a reliable networker than failing to keep your word.  Make 2016 your best year yet!  Continue reading

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Are you stereotyped?

I mean in the eyes of your prospects?

When I think about the following jobs, I automatically associate characteristics with people who work in those roles – righly or wrongly:

Double Glazing Salesman – aggressive, hard sell, ruthless

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Throw out the rule book!

Who decided the way your industry should work?

Give yourself permission to think in a different way.

Do it your way - as long as it's legal and ethical

There are no rules so throw out the book and start to achieve more – generate new ideas and subsequently leads by allowing yourself to explore new ways of doing things.

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What marketing department?

Most of half Japanese companies do not have a separate marketing department because they believe that everyone in the company should be involved in marketing.

This makes sense because it doesn’t matter how much work a marketing department does to drive prospects to contact a business – frighteningly this can all be wasted if the person they speak to or correspond with does not conduct themselves in a manner representing the values of the business.

Do your employees understand that marketing isn’t a department – it is something they should be doing every day?

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