Barriers to successful implementation

Be aware of potential barriers when planning tasks

You allocate time, begin the task(s) and then wonder why things have not progressed accordingly.  Here are some of the most frequently encountered barriers to the implementation of plans in a business. Continue reading

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Do you have marketing myopia?

Theodore Levitt coined this now famous phrase ‘marketing myopia’ which basically means tunnel vision.

Often we are too busy keeping afloat to see the vastness of the ocean we are in.  Translated into business terms this simply means we sometimes cannot see the real scope of our businesses.

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How do you achieve client satisfaction with a service-based business?

If you work in a service-based business you will know how difficult it can be to achieve client satisfaction. It can even sometimes be difficult to properly articulate the value or define the benefit of your services, thereby making it difficult to manage client expectations.

With products, much of the hard work is done for you. Many products are designed to satisfy a clear, well-defined need or purpose – you expect ‘this’ to do ‘that’. Continue reading

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Entering new markets

Consider all risks when entering new markets

When considering entering new markets, companies need to make sure that their approach is properly planned.  Each will have different reasons and aspirations for wanting to enter a new market such as:

  • growing the business
  • finding new customers
  • saturation of existing markets
  • working with partners on joint ventures
  • legislative changes that have opened new markets

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Small business marketing strategies for tackling larger companies

Positioning, PR keys to competing as a small business

One of the great challenges facing small business owners is that they must often battle for customers with larger competitors, who can afford to run more advertising, offer lower prices, and who are better established in the marketplace.

And yet some small business owners do it very successfully. How?

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Turn your company into a heavily quoted source

Follow these steps for making your company a heavily quoted source.

Ever wonder why your competitors keep cropping up in coverage – whether it be national dailies, on big-time TV broadcasts or even in local business magazines – while your company’s relegated to the back of the trades?

The fact is, a lot of media pickup isn’t always driven by stellar press releases, according to Dan Forbush, president and founder of ProfNet, a PR Newswire service that puts journalists in touch with experts and sources for breaking stories. “There are two essential approaches to media placement. One is to persuade reporters that your organization has news worth reporting – this approach is deliberate and release driven. The other is to persuade reporters that there are individuals within your organization who – because of their industry perspective or some form of expertise – are worth interviewing. This approach is opportunistic and pitch driven.”

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Bringing new products to the market

Otherwise known as the idea train, an entrepreneurs’ way if thinking is her biggest strength and, if not carefully managed, could be her biggest curse.

I probably have a new idea every day. And at the time I have it, I usually get so excited that I think it’s the next best thing. In mind, at that time, I have just made Steve Jobs look like an amateur.

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Sales letter basics

Follow these sales letter basics to maximise your chances of success.

The letter is usually the first thing that your prospect will read, even in you accompany it with a brochure.  You need to make it relevant.

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How to improve the performance of your sales force

It is far easier to sell something you believe in. If your sales force is struggling, it may be that they lack conviction or a unified belief and vision. Your selling message may not be strong enough or distinct enough.

Your sales proposition needs to be clear and compelling, and the benefits of your service / product must be obvious. Your sales force should be fully committed and be bale to have faith in the strength of your proposition.

If your sales message is fuzzy or unclear, or if you have no clear distinction which highlights the benefits of your service / product then your sales force will struggle. It won’t matter how good they are.

Before you condemn your sales team ensure that your sales proposition has merit.

For more information please contact Marie

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Publicise your business – 10 ways to get yourself in the limelight

Here are ten ways that you can start to generate publicity for your company, which not only helps to position you as an expert in your chosen field(s) but also helps to keep you in the limelight ahead of your competitors.

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