Make a personal investment in your prospects

In most cases where you’ve won new business there’s an element of risk for your prospect-come-client. If they’ve never had any experience of your services before (and they don’t have the benefit of a firm recommendation from someone they trust) then they’re bound to be wary.

If you’re business development approach seems less hands-on or removes your personal involvement from the process they may be even more aware of that risk. They may even interpret your distance from the process as indifference. Continue reading

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How do you achieve client satisfaction with a service-based business?

If you work in a service-based business you will know how difficult it can be to achieve client satisfaction. It can even sometimes be difficult to properly articulate the value or define the benefit of your services, thereby making it difficult to manage client expectations.

With products, much of the hard work is done for you. Many products are designed to satisfy a clear, well-defined need or purpose – you expect ‘this’ to do ‘that’. Continue reading

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Don’t forget the simple things

It doesn’t matter how great your business is, if the impression you leave with clients is that you’re too busy being great to pay attention to things like good service.

Clients who are spending money with you will want to feel like they are valued and that their business and commitment to you are worth something. If you can’t fulfil that part of the covenant between you, you may find clients migrating elsewhere. Continue reading

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How to improve the performance of your sales force

It is far easier to sell something you believe in. If your sales force is struggling, it may be that they lack conviction or a unified belief and vision. Your selling message may not be strong enough or distinct enough.

Your sales proposition needs to be clear and compelling, and the benefits of your service / product must be obvious. Your sales force should be fully committed and be bale to have faith in the strength of your proposition.

If your sales message is fuzzy or unclear, or if you have no clear distinction which highlights the benefits of your service / product then your sales force will struggle. It won’t matter how good they are.

Before you condemn your sales team ensure that your sales proposition has merit.

For more information please contact Marie

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3 tips to shake up sales

Give your business a boost in a slow market

A slow market can be especially tough on small businesses, as they are often run on a shoestring budget which leaves very little room for the cost cutting and expense reductions that corporations implement in times like these. Whether it’s real estate or certain sectors within the retail industry, there are always ups and downs in various industries.

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Fast and furious first drafts

Here are ten fast-fire rules for writing good draft copy.

  1. Get away to somewhere quiet – just you, the keyboard and a blank document, no distractions
  2. Be in a fit and ready state to write, mentally and physically – be comfortable and well-rested, no stress or worry
  3. Just write – prolifically, no restraint or censorship
  4. Indulge your creativity and explore every tempting nook and cranny of your imagination, do not limit yourself Continue reading
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Tracking Numbers

Tracking numbers

Knowing that at least half of your advertising works is a good thing… not knowing which half is working is not such a good thing. Yet this is a common dilemma for many people paying for advertising and promotional marketing.

Using unique tracking numbers on every piece of advertising or promotional marketing you do is one way to learn what’s working and what is just costing you money.

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The power of free trials

Do free trials really work? Are they cost effective? Whether you’re considering a free trial or sampling of some kind, keep in mind that many products are best “experienced”. For example, its difficult to know whether or not you’ll like the flavor of a new toothpaste without trying it. On the service side, you don’t know if you’ll like a new dry cleaner until you get your shirts pressed.

As a result, many marketers are using free trials to lure new customers. This is particularly effective when the lifetime customer value of a new customer is substantial.

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Do free consultation work?

Do Free Consultations Work?

It’s not unusual for someone setting up a service business to be advised to give a free consultation as a way of winning business. In the coaching world in particular (and many other service businesses) this is recommended as the main way of winning clients. Many coaches are assured (often by the people selling them their coaching training) that all they will need to do to have a full practice is offer free taster sessions, and somehow those people will magically transform into paying clients.

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Collecting information on your competitors

Discover the Do’s and Dont’s of competitive intelligence.

Collecting information about your competitors makes good business sense. However, you must do so in an ethical and reasonable way. Competitive intelligence from public sources, customers, and third parties can help businesses anticipate market opportunities, trends and competitive strengths and weaknesses.

These guidelines provide a step-by-step guide for acquiring the information you need without crossing the line.

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