3 magic words that boost ad response

Key to success is avoiding hype

For the small business owner, advertising is a critical expense that helps to drive customers through the doors or to a website on the Internet in the hopes that they will spend their money. With tight ad budgets, small businesses need their advertising to payoff every time. Ads that result in no sales are simply wasted money.

There are countless online articles that tell you to use the words “free”, “guaranteed”, and “limited time offer” in your advertising to boost sales. They work, however the ongoing overuse of these words has reduced their effectiveness somewhat. When you’re writing your next ad, keep the following advice in mind when if you plan to use these key advertising terms.

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The “simple” business card

Do you proudly deposit your business card into the hand of its intended recipient – or do you hand it over with some trepidation, hoping the other person doesn’t look at it too closely because you know it isn’t as good as it should be?  Is it taken from a nice business card holder – or do you fish around in your pocket for the “one you know is in there somewhere” that is dog-eared and ragged?

Is your business card fit for purpose?  Does it have all the information it should?  Is it clear what you do or what your business provides?  Are your contact details clear?

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Never underestimate the value of a contact

Regardless of how unlikely it may first appear to be, anyone could be a valuable business contact. The most obvious question being, ‘How can you know who they know?’ You can bet that the first time you make the mistake of dismissing a potential contact as unimportant they’ll probably be having lunch with your dream prospect every week. You just never know. Continue reading

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Big impact doesn’t have to mean big bucks

Effective marketing campaigns don’t need big-company budgets. By being smart at the outset and taking the necessary time at the planning stage, you can coax the greatest value from your budget, regardless of its size.

Big impact doesn’t always mean big bucks!

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11 tips for customer acquisition

Set time aside to implement your customer acquisition strategy

Acquiring new customers is all about opening up new relationships and that is all about how you present yourself and your company.

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Give your customers a reason to listen to you

Often, your business’s greatest competition isn’t from other businesses who want your customers but rather from life and the hectic pace of things. As you may be able to relate to, your prospects are probably very busy – and constantly fighting against the distractions and interruptions which occur throughout a normal day.

There is an insulating level of indifference you must overcome Continue reading

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Be patient – not everyone is ready to buy right now!

When you decide that you are embarking upon a business development/sales drive, remember that not all of your prospects are ready to buy on your timetable… in fact, very few will be!

The “build and they will come” mentality rarely works – you have to tell people why they should buy from you and give them a reason to think of you at the time they are ready to purchase.

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Get your prospect approach communication right

The key to writing an effective and compelling approach letter or email is to focus on good communication.

  • Keep your letter specific – avoid being too vague or over-generalising as you may fail to engage your audience
  • Make sure your letter is relevant – as well as being specific, you also have to be relevant Continue reading
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5 strategies to kick-start your lead generation process

What does success mean to you?

We all know what we should be doing but sometimes a quick recap revitalises our focus.

The best marketers channel their efforts at the front end of the sales and marketing process and here are 5 ways to revitalise lead generation in your own business.

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No two services are exactly the same

No two services are exactly the same

They can’t be, they are delivered at different times by different people, circumstances alone dictate that they must differ.

When you ask a director/partner of a service company, “What makes your service different?” you often get an unclear response.

“Honestly, nothing.  We’re all pretty much the same.”

Well, that’s wrong.

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